Cameras for Science & Research

Digital image processing makes it possible to reveal what the naked eye cannot see. Allied Vision cameras have been instrumental to the progression of sciences and research in many disciplines such as understanding the underlying mechanisms of disease progression, evolution of ecosystems, observation of astronomical phenomena, climate change, agricultural conditions, or to track eye movements for psychology or ergonomics research. No matter your requirements we are dedicated to working with you to provide you with the best imaging solution for your science and research application. 

All in the Details

Allied Vision cameras work perfectly with microscopes, telescopes or other scientific apparatus to document scientific observations with the highest possible details. Whether your field of investigation is the infinitely small or infinitely large – our sensors deliver high quality with image resolutions of up to 29 megapixels. 

Reveal the Invisible

Infrared imaging at various wavelengths makes it possible to visualize material properties such as water content, temperature, or chemical components which cannot be identified with conventional surface inspection. Allied Vision offers a wide range of digital cameras with infrared sensitivity ranging from monochrome cameras with enhanced near-infrared sensitivity, to short-wave (SWIR) and long-wave (LWIR) infrared imaging devices. Potential fields of application are medical and biologic research, agronomy, and many other life science disciplines.

Capture the Instant

With high-performance digital interfaces, Allied Vision cameras can utilise automatic triggers by peripheral sensors to capture very precise, unpredictable events. With high frame-rates of up to 400 images per second, you can easily analyse every hundredth of a second of a scene – whether it is a physical phenomenon or the mechanics of a bird’s wing.

Enduring Tough Environments

Scientific research does not only take place in the comfort of a lab. Field investigations often require heavy-duty, reliable equipment that can operate with extreme conditions. Designed and manufactured in Germany and Canada according to the highest quality standards, Allied Vision cameras all undergo thorough tests to perform the tough conditions of industrial and professional use. Whether aboard the International Space Station, on the sea-ground by 6,000 m depth, or towed by a tractor on the field – our cameras contribute to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

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