Lifetime partnership

At Allied Vision, you buy more than just a camera. We are at your side at every step of your system’s life cycle.


When designing an image-processing system, selecting the right camera, lenses, cables, software interface, etc. is not an easy task. Whatever challenge you face, ask our experts and we will help you find the best imaging solution to achieve your goals. Our international network in more than thirty countries always guarantees you a contact partner who speaks your language and can provide the expert advice you need.


Allied Vision’s camera range ranges from small industrial cameras for the visible spectrum to advanced infrared and thermal imaging cameras. In all price classes, digital cameras from Allied Vision offer superior reliability, outstanding image quality, and powerful image-optimization functions. With one of the broadest product portfolios on the market, we have the ideal camera for almost any application.


Some applications are so specific that their needs cannot be satisfied with a standard camera. If you can’t find the camera you need in our standard range, we can customize an existing model or even design an individual solution for you. To allow us to offer you a wide variety of options, our most popular camera models are all built in accordance with the Allied Vision modular concept. This means that many of the options you may have envisaged are already available – at short notice and at attractive prices.


Every digital camera is only as good as the lens, cable, switches, interface card, etc. with which it transfers image data to its host system. Our range of accessories is has been selected and tested with our cameras to deliver best possible image quality to your application with the greatest possible reliability. Let our experts help you find the optimal accessories for your camera!


Our Vimba software development kit is suitable for use with all Allied Vision cameras and is independent of operating systems, interface technology, and programming languages. It is compatible with all popular image-processing libraries. The GenICam standard ensures easy interconnection. Vimba is a future-proof and user-friendly software interface for your application.


Whether your system performs quality inspection, medical imaging or traffic monitoring – users rely on it for their business. Whatever problems they may face in the future, you can continue to count on us even years after you purchased our products. Allied Vision’s worldwide support and application engineering team is on call to help you 24 hours on each working day, whenever emergencies occur.

…and when it’s time for a new generation of your imaging system, we’ll be here to help you take the next technological step!