Goldeye cameras are the #1 choice for infrared imaging

Infrared cameras for machine vision applications

Deciding which camera is best suited for an application not only depends on its imaging performance but also on the user experience to integrate it. Our Goldeye cameras offer clear advantages for both. In the following we are summarizing why you should go for Goldeye when selecting a camera for your SWIR application.

See the invisible with one of our 12 Goldeye infrared camera models

Ideal for any application

The Goldeye cameras can be used in many applications. Potential fields of application are medical and biologic research, semiconductor inspection, photovoltaics, hyperspectral Imaging, agronomy and many other life science disciplines as well as quality control, automation and water or moisture detection. Contact us more for guidance!

Ten reasons why the Goldeye camera is your perfect choice

  • Superior image quality
  • Easy system integration
  • Rugged industrial design
  • 3-year warranty


These are only a few reasons why you should choose the Goldeye short wave infrared camera for your application. Click on the flyer to discover more!

Features of the Goldeye cameras


  • Compact industrial design
  • High performance InGaAs sensors with QVGA and VGA resolution
  • Frame rates up to 344 fps
  • Spectral range 900 - 1700 nm
  • GigE Vision interface with Power over Ethernet or Camera Link interface with GenCP support
  • Comprehensive I/O control options
  • Automated on-board image correction
  • Stabilized sensor cooling
  • Extended operating temperature range



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