MIPI CSI-2 cameras with high frame rate sensors and global shutter function

Allied Vision’s Alvium 1800 Series is a cross-over camera combining the best of two worlds:  the compact hardware and cost effectiveness of embedded devices and the performance and durability of industrial machine vision. It is ideal for embedded vision applications requiring a small and lightweight camera delivering high image quality and frame rates.

NEW: Now with Sony Pregius Global Shutter sensors with high image quality and high frame rates!

Alvium 1800 C-040 


Sensor: IMX287 Global Shutter CMOS


Resolution: 0.4 MP


Frame Rate: 292 fps

Alvium 1800 C-158


Sensor: IMX273 Global Shutter CMOS


Resolution: 1.6 MP


Frame Rate: 154 fps

Sony's high-performance Pregius CMOS GS image sensors, popular for their outstanding image quality and high frame rates (IMX287, IMX273). No more Rolling Shutter effect with high frame rates!

Cross-over camera: The best of both worlds!

Alvium 1800 MIPI CSI-2 cameras combine affordability with a design that offers more performance than previously available from an embedded system. Thanks to its integrated ISP (Image Signal Processing), the series not only outperforms sensor modules but is also capable of doing basic image processing tasks internally. 



Powerful and energy-efficient, optimized for embedded vision applications

The full performance of the board can be used for the image processing algorithms. Standardized drivers independent of the camera model ensure a quick integration and the flexibility to change camera models easily. 


Order your Alvium 1800 C sample TODAY and discover the benefits of a machine vision/embedded cross-over camera for your application!